This temporary exhibition immerses visitors in the intimate and inspiring relationship between acclaimed architect Ricardo Bofill and the charming town of Calpe. See project MINING MUSEUM OF LA UNIÓN > The project of La Manzanera will be the central axis of this exhibition, presenting itself as an experimental space that reflects the architectural vision

OPENING! Museographic project for the international temporary exhibition THE LEGACY OF THE QIN AND HAN DYNASTS: THE WARRIORS OF XI’AN. Immerse yourself in the monumental mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and his terracotta army through this impressive scenography in an unprecedented exhibition. Welcome to Xi’An! Design by Rocamora Design & A

Rehabilitation of the old historic slaughterhouse as a multipurpose space for cultural uses. The recovery of this traditional building and the redefining of its function, provides the town with a new space for public use and ensures the conservation of this property, which is part of its ethnographic heritage. Design by Rocamora Design & Architecture [&h