OPENING! Orcas: Our Shared Future in Denver, Colorado

It is a fully experiential museum installation that now lands at the Museum of Nature & Science in Denver, Colorado. It is designed to immerse visitors in the world of orcas from the moment they enter. Life-size sculptures, ambeintal lighting and surround sound combine to create a multi-sensory experience that transcends conventional exhibition architecture.

The international, temporary traveling exhibition approaches the discourse from three main perspectives:

On the one hand, the biological and zoological point of view, which presents the animal, its anatomy, its behavior, its extraordinary intelligence and sophisticated and developed social functioning.

On the other hand, the ethnic point of view, the killer whale in popular culture and indigenous beliefs, to approach new perceptions of these wonderful animals, long feared in Western cultures for being known as “killer whales”.

Finally, the ecological and activist point of view, which offers the reality of the orca’s life in captivity and the history of the struggle to free these animals from aquarium tanks and illegal hunting.