On October 5, the cultural institution will open an exhibition that will display the authentic manuscripts, written on toilet paper, of the four stories dedicated to the poet’s son, as well as the ingenious artifacts that the author himself created. It is a joy to share this news that fills the entire Rocamora Diseño y […]

We are pleased to announce that our studio Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura has been selected to carry out an ambitious museographic design project in the Castle of Callosa de Segura and the sites on its slopes. This project reinforces our ongoing commitment to design excellence and the preservation of cultural heritage. 🟠 Project Phases Consolidation [&he

An original manuscript from 1941, a pile of sheets of toilet paper sewn with thread on top, four children’s stories and some pencil drawings; the key piece from which a small universe made of metaphors of freedom, childhood and absence emerges. A universe that materializes in a museum exhibition that tells the story and content […]