New Museum Project! Municipal Art Gallery of Alcoy

Our studio will be responsible for the design of the future Pinacoteca Municipal de Alcoy (Alicante). This project will be carried out in an emblematic and heritage building, the former Asilo de San José, which dates back to the end of the 19th century.

The art gallery will become a space dedicated to the conservation and exhibition of works of art from the period of greatest projection of Alcoy painting, ranging from the late nineteenth century to the twentieth century. Visitors can enjoy a collection that includes works by renowned local artists such as Antonio Gisbert, Fernando Cabrera, Emilio Sala, Francisco Laporta, Lorenzo Casanova and Adolfo Durá.

The museographic design we are developing aims not only to preserve these valuable works of art, but also to create an enriching experience for visitors, connecting them with the rich artistic heritage of Alcoy. This project is a unique opportunity to revitalize a historic building and transform the art gallery into a cultural reference for the community and art lovers.

We will continue to share updates on the progress of this exciting project. We look forward to opening the doors of the new Pinacoteca Municipal de Alcoy and welcoming all those interested in the history and art of our region!