OPENING! Stone Guardians – Castles of Alicante: Santa Bárbara

New opening! “Guardians of Stone: The Castles of Alicante” returns to the capital of Alicante where it began its journey in its first venue, the MARQ, Alicante.

After touring the province from end to end, this exhibition invites you to explore the rich history of Alicante’s castles. The exhibition’s modular and self-supporting museography, arranged in packing crates, immerses you in the experience of assembly and disassembly, reflecting its own journey and itinerancy.

In the words of curator José Luis Menéndez: “The exhibition shows an updated content of the latest research in each of the fortifications in the last thirty years, but also motivates people to visit the castles to ask their own questions and seek their answers.”

With the Castle of Santa Bárbara as the final location, this 15th itinerary promises to surprise and captivate all attendees. On this occasion the exhibition is completed with an extra drawer that deals with the history of the host, where the museography contextualizes pieces from medieval and modern times in the context of this new historical venue.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore the history of Alicante with an unforgettable museum experience!

📅From today to October 15

📍Castle of Santa Bárbara (Alicante)