The Museographic Project for the permanent exhibition of Mubag alicante has just been inaugurated.

The design of the museographic project for the permanent exhibition of the MUBAG The Gravina Museum of Fine Arts in Alicante has just been inaugurated.

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The 19th century. The collection in the light” .

The architect Ángel Rocamora has provided the solutions so that the recovery of the windows will not result in the loss of the coveted exhibition space, necessary to show the very large format works that are usual for the time. Thus, they fit out the walls following the model of the trellises. guides (combs)  with which they are stored in the warehouses, making new supports to simulate them with  frames in solid wood  for the setting up in value of the works of art, this solution facilitates   the withdrawal of the forex white backside of the same, and allows the visitor and viewer to know more about the work, normally hidden from the eyes of the spectator of the same.

The design of the texts in the room includes the different information at different levels, such as the title of the work, the text of the room and the explanatory video, all arranged in a compositional order.