Inauguration of the Fondó de Monóver Interpretation Center.

INAUGURATION of the Fondó Interpretation Center in Monovar. Very very happy to finally be able to share and open doors. Visit of the Secretary of State for Democratic Memory Fernando Martínez to the new Interpretation Center. Memory and heritage as a construction of culture.

El Fondó de Monòver has an important story to tell.
The Fóndó Museum is free in its visit, scattered, four landmarks perched on the landscape that tell the history of the place, like sculptures that speak and turn the visitor into a constructive detail of what is being told.
What does it mean to build a museum in a small hamlet in the interior of Alicante?
El Fondó and its history, the last days of the Second Republic in Spain, is a very relevant heritage of historical memory. Here, during the war, there was an airfield, an air raid shelter now museumized and a military barracks, in addition to the Interpretation Center for historical memory in a former rural school.
In view of the immaterial complexity of almost everything that is told, the concept of space was rethought and projected as a sum of disintegrated places that articulate the place and that are traversed for their interpretation. These architectural supports generate the habitat that receives the information, communicates in the distance and creates the circulation between them in an intimate relationship with the visitor.