Design of the event Creacción 2021 Yecla Festival of art and ephemeral architecture.

Yecla [C]reacción 2021 has been the festival of ephemeral art and architecture with 6 ephemeral installations in the city of Yecla that colonize almost a total of 11,500 m2 of the city. There are 6 houses in the city. The festival was held outdoors, and Yecla took to the streets to show its character with all the necessary security measures to make this an unforgettable experience.

[C]reacción 2021 took place on June 11, 12 and 13 in the streets of Yecla, where the know-how and life of the people of Yecla as a people was represented. There are 6 houses in the city, 6 houses devoid of intimacy, open, exposed to the world, undressed and shown in their most basic essence, exhibiting the habits of life and customs of its inhabitants. A look at the architecture, art and furniture of Yecla as a whole that feeds back on itself.

This festival has been intended as a tribute to those dark days when we made our dwelling the only environment to inhabit. A tribute to all those who have fought and are fighting for the good of their countrymen and neighbors in front of Covid-19.

You can see more about the project in this link: CREACCIÓN YECLA 2021