Casa Carmen in Archello

Casa Carmen in Archello, our project is in an ever-widening market place in the the old Raval de Sant Joan in Elche, which has its first traces in 1265, of Muslim origin. It still has the flavor of yesteryear, alleyways with activity and life steeped in history, with the special cadence of the neighborhood.

The house of Carmen faces south, towards the square, formerly called Forn Fondo Street, because there was a furnace and many streets carry the name of what was in them. People in the neighborhood say that the people lived with the door open, in the street. Life is different now. Carmen lives on the top floor in search of privacy. controlled, a relationship with the square, but with natural light and sunshine. entering from the east, through the dividing wall, and from the south, at through the façade, through a perforated latticework with motifs that used to graffiti tiles and now it is a steel plate cut by numerical control, but with the same ornaments that allow the air to pass through. and light, bringing the memory of the place. It also has a small garden, a sunny terrace, a living room and a kitchen with a view overlooking a small patio. 32 m2 optimized but sufficient for a friendly and comfortable with the outdoors.

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