Ángel Rocamora speaks at the conference “The Warriors of Xi’An. The creation of a museographic project” at the Dámaso Navarro Museum in Petrer.

“The cultural impact and significance of the exhibition “The legacy of the QIN and HAN dynasties, China. The Warriors of Xi’an”; have been of such magnitude, that the Petrerense association has organized this presentation so that attendees can learn about the details and challenges surrounding its conception and assembly”.

Damaso Navarro Museum

Last Friday, at the Forn Cultural, almost a hundred people gathered to hear the fascinating story behind the creation of the exhibition that has been captivating visitors to the Archaeological Museum of Alicante since last March. Under the title “The Legacy of the QIN and HAN Dynasties”, this exhibition has achieved a full capacity, highlighting the incredible attention it has attracted.

The event featured enriching speeches by two distinguished speakers: Teresa Ximénez de Embrún, from the Fundación C.V. MARQ, and Ángel Rocamora Ruiz, architect and head of the company in charge of the exhibition design. Together, they provided an in-depth look at the entire process that led to the creation of one of the most emblematic exhibitions our country has seen in recent years.

Teresa Ximénez, minutes before starting her talk, shared that her main objective was to shed light on how this intriguing project was born and developed. For many of those present, the most captivating part might have been discovering the ins and outs of the trip to China, the collaborative work with the staff of the Shansi Museum and the challenges related to packing, cataloging, packaging and transporting the impressive warrior figures that finally arrived at MARQ Alicante. It also delved into the creative process behind the exhibition, revealing the artistic and curatorial decisions that made it possible.

It is important to note that this conference was organized by the Asociación Amigues i Amics del Museu Dámaso Navarro de Petrer, which underlines the interest and passion that exists in the community to explore and understand the cultural richness of China and its historical legacy through this outstanding exhibition.