We have been awarded: Emporia Gold 2022 by La Cova de l’Or.

The Emporia awards select each year the best works of national ephemeral architecture. At Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura we have won the highest award for La Cova de l’Or: Emporia Oro 2022 for the best assembly of a non-traveling ephemeral exhibition.

The Cova de l’Or at MARQ, a temporary exhibition that brings to the museum the natural geological morphology of the habitat with the graphic representation of the floor plan of a sector of this sanctuary cavern; the testimony of the presence, the ritual and the cardial art through the space of occupation and the materials that make up the exhibition. A longitudinal section of the cave serves as a window to the large mural showcase through which to view the documents and exhibits. The zenithal envelope of the room evokes the volume of the Cova de l’Or, with a textured sheet that replicates the vault of the “oculus” and the natural lantern that introduces infinite nuances in the interior lighting of the cave, constantly changing throughout the day and every day of the year.

Let’s continue to bet, with enthusiasm, on the design of immersive spaces with scientific rigor and effective communication.

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