Promoter: Ajuntament d’Elx Date: 2023 Categories: Offices, Integral Remodeling

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Architectural work for the design of the first digital OMAC in the neighborhood of San Antón, Elche, as a pilot project for the modernization of offices that represents a transformation in its operation. The office, of approximately 200m2, is integrated in a ground floor of a multi-family block building, in a residential area in expansion, and whose access is in the inner square of the block.
The main function of this office is to promote access to electronic services to citizens in order to bridge the digital divide (of use and access to citizens). The architecture helps in this by creating a permeable space with the square, with an almost continuous inside-outside relationship, through the large glass panels, but which in turn give some privacy, thanks to the graphics and vinyls.

For access, the plaza gains space to the premises, creating a sheltered public space under the roof of the building. Inside, a diaphanous room covers the different needs of the office, from the waiting area, the reception or the office area itself, with 16 personalized attention stations: 11 self-management stations for citizens, 3 initial attention stations and 2 conventional attention stations. The more private uses, such as storage, toilets, or the office, are left in the background, behind the wood paneling and light boxes in the main area.