Client: Yecla City Council and Espacio Joven Date: 2021 Categories: Ephemeral Intervention

Emporia 2021 Selection (Best ephemeral anti-Covid intervention)

How ephemeral architecture and art can build city, memory and culture, basic ingredients, heterogeneous, but necessary to consolidate and build the future, in such a difficult year!

This project, the genesis, the basis of its conception arose in a teaching project of the Master of Ephemeral Architecture, Instituto 42 of Murcia, and from the hand of the specialists, already, of ephemeral architecture, and at that time students, Cristian Martínez, Julia Cerdán, Ana Hernández, Antonio Martínez, Javier Cano, Rafa Fructuoso, Natalia Martínez, Blanca Megías, David Pérez, and María José Fernández, and accompanied all the way with my fellow architect Raquel González.
In the middle of the process, of the teaching course, came the pandemic,… the forces and faith weakened in many cases, but not everyone’s… we continued, and we finished the course… months later, one life later…C]reacción 2021 (as Helia San Nicolás brilliantly formulated) by the hand of the Yecla City Council, without the director of the fair Inma, already retired, and with many changes, Blasfemia production company that won the contest, new artists’ projects, a thousand changes and adjustments, a thousand constructive details, graphics, security, communication with the artists through my partner Susana, the infinite patience of a group of Yecla artists who at all times supported and had a capacity for resilience and infinite respect. (understanding the difficulty of the project and glimpsing the importance of what everyone was doing…) the companies that supported the event with their physical and direct collaboration until the last minute, Instituto 42 that organized in a spectacular way Top workshops and talks, etc…a very intense, frenetic and exhausting work was done until exhaustion for 4 days to produce and mount an event that has marked a before and after in Yecla!

Uncertainty as a tool, as genesis… building future with ephemeral architecture!!!!

Location: Yecla (Murcia), Spain Design and Cultural Management: Instituto 42, Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura Assembly: Blasfemia Photographs: Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura Communication: ROOM Radio Murcia Collaborators: Fama Living, Feria del Mueble Yecla, Cetem, Gomarco, Mapay, Tecninova, Lino Mobiliario, Formas y descanso, Cabanes & Ortuño, Sancal, Arema, Clic Clac, Asoc. Friends of Music