Client: LEVANTINA Date: 2017 Categories:
Temporary Itinerant Exhibition, Putting in Value, Signage.

EMPORIA ORO 2018 ( For innovation in ephemeral architecture).

Location: Monte Coto Quarry, Pinoso, Alicante Photographs: CabreraPhoto

The intervention provides a privileged panoramic view of the extraction of marble from the Monte Coto Quarry of Levantina, in Pinoso (Alicante).

This space is proposed to serve as a communicative, didactic platform for visitors from outside the stone industry. The important decision of the project was to solve all the construction materials by reusing and recycling those that could be found in the same quarry.

The metal drill bits, made of hardened steel, normally used as drills to extract the stone, which were in disuse in the project, are reused as permeable fencing, to build the boundary of the platform, with minimal impact on the perception of the site, in the spectacular views of the quarry.

The pavement is made of large blocks of marble discarded for commercialization and recycled as construction elements.

This project is a bet of the company Levantina to permeabilize, through a project that begins now, and that will be completed with an open-air museum on the same platform. It is also an extension of the exhibition “Marble/Levantina/Tradition”, carried out by Fundación Levantina in collaboration with Pinoso Town Hall in 2014.