Mesa Gabriel 2.0


The sinuous shape of the table was intended to give movement to the space in which it was to be placed. All the materials of the room where the table will be placed have a natural, sincere character, which transmits unprejudiced and technical solvency. For this reason, FINSA’s Greenpanel was chosen for the construction of the table, finished in ultramatte white lacquer on both sides, which gives the table lightness and at the same time rigidity and maximum structural characteristics, with a thickness of 5 cm. The edge of the board, cut with a curved, sinuous geometry, exposes the soul of the material, with a gesture of maximum constructive sincerity. This sinuous geometry allows for multiple entrances and exits, places for different workstations, simultaneously differentiated uses, which generate different environments and places. The maximum dimensions of the table are 4.10×2.50 meters. The table in turn is divided into two tabletops, which are assembled to make a single surface or can be separated, thus having two autonomous uses in two different locations in the room.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 410 × 250 × 60 cm