New roaming of Conexión by Finsa. Spaces connected with wood will bring the public of Zaragoza closer to the nodes that connect us with a forest to a surface decorated in wood. The exhibition, focused on the design and crafts related to this material, began its tour in Alicante and from Monday continues its international itinerary at the University of Zaragoza, where it can be seen for the next three weeks in the Agustin de Betancourt Building.

The approach of the exhibition is formulated in six modular structures designed by architect Ángel Rocamora: raw material, transformation, distribution, design, trade and customer.

In these six modules, in which 220 Finsa boards are integrated, ethnographic objects of various kinds are displayed, such as historical drawings of furniture design, traditional carpentry tools, original materials of the wood industry… Physical elements in which technology is intertwined through virtual reality, which offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the production process of wood thanks to virtual reality glasses.

The combination of physical and digital elements aims to provide a sensory experience of belonging and discovery of wood, a material present in many facets of everyday life, symbolic in traditional crafts and paradigmatic in the creation of environments. Therefore, in addition to paying tribute to the forests and the production and recycling cycle, the exhibition displays architectural and interior design projects in which this material plays a special role in the narrative of the space and the object.

Text via: Finsa