Letra 2022 Awards Selection: Best corporate identity image application

We have been selected!

HAWKERS OUTLET receives a LETRA 2022 SELECTION for the best corporate identity image application.

Hawkers proposed us to make a space for outlet product sales in an old industrial loading dock. Two large swing gates and a drop in the loading dock itself define the space to be occupied. The gesture that delimits the space is the folding down of one of the open gates and blocking it, and the delimitation of the space with large panes of glass.

A large printed textile partition separating the space from the rear building and a pre-painted galvanized folded sheet metal pre-painted in yellow oven give shape to this space with a vocation of continuity, industrial and agile. The support for the glasses, which climb up the folded sheet metal, is a system of methacrylate triangles that can be easily placed in the desired position to quickly set up display groups.

Project by Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura | Design by Luis Sanz

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