Interview with Ángel Rocamora in “Las mañanas de RNE”

We are delighted to share that we have been awarded the Veredictas EMPORIA ORO 2023 for “THE LEGACY OF THE QIN AND HAN DYNASTICS, THE WARRIORS OF XI’AN”, recognized as the best installation of a non-traveling ephemeral exhibition.

Recently, on the program “Las Mañanas de RNE”, Íñigo Picabea talked with Ángel Rocamora, exploring the architecture behind the exhibitions of the “Warriors of Xian” at the MARQ (Alicante) and “Miguel Hernández” at the National Library of Spain (Madrid).

The interview talks about the studio’s work methodology, in the search for architectures that think about the visitor.

In the words of Ángel Rocamora: “Architecture builds what the object lacks, it accompanies the discourse that the scientist wants to expose”.

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