Enhancement of Biar Castle

On November 9th we presented together with the City Council of Biar the project of accessibility, revitalization and museumization of the Castle of Biar. It is a project that respects the heritage, which seeks to connect urban planning, culture and history, always rewarding the value and functionality of the monument.

What we seek is the enhancement of the castle within the historic center of Biar, allowing the revitalization of the heritage complex with the adaptation of its spaces for the development of cultural activities on a regular basis and thus enhance its tourist attraction.

Our entire team has worked to achieve complementary solutions to the previous interventions of consolidation and adaptation of spaces that were carried out in 2011. We have defined activities whose main objective is to enhance the accessibility measures, both motor and sensory, of the site. Therefore, in addition to the adaptation of the parade ground as a multipurpose space, the installation of the programmatic walkways will be configured as a support for the development of cultural and civic activities.

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Enhancement of Biar Castle

Photo: Intervention phases of the preliminary project developed by the Rocamora team.