A&E Day: Contract Forum Alicante 2024

With more than 35 editions and 8 years of experience, the Alicante Contract Forum was able to bring together more than 140 professionals, including architects, interior designers and prescribing teams. This is the third edition that AyE organizes a Contract Forum in Alicante, with previous events in Elche in 2018 and Alicante in 2021.

The Alicante Provincial Council Auditorium (ADDA), located next to Paseo de Campoamor and designed by architect García Solera, was the venue for the Alicante Contract Forum. The event was attended by more than a hundred professionals, including renowned architects and interior designers from the Valencian Community, as well as prescription teams from national and international companies in the construction sector.

The A&E conferences are held in emblematic buildings and singular spaces, offering participating architects and professionals a unique and differentiating experience. The event’s formula is based on a system of agile meetings with companies selected by the architectural firms according to their interests and needs, allowing them to clarify doubts, resolve construction issues or receive technical advice in a dynamic, practical and personalized format.