Client: Foundation C.V. MARQ Alicante Date: 2017 Categories: Archaeology, Itinerant Exhibition, International Exhibition, International Exhibition

Emporia de Oro 2017 (National Award of Ephemeral Architecture to the Best Assembly of an Itinerant Ephemeral Exhibition).

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The ephemeral architecture, here, reinforces the exhibits and facilitates their intense enjoyment, building an emotional and powerful scenography.

The 3 rooms build a scenographic discourse that takes us to the streets of Tikal, to the interior of its pyramids and, finally, submerges us under the water of a mythological cenote.

Location: MARQ (Alicante, Spain) Museum Design: Rocamora Diseño y Arquitectura Photographs: CabreraPhoto

Publications: Emporia Awards, Diario Información, Alicante Press, Cadena SER, National Geographic, ABC, Agencia EFE, El Mundo, El País, ASOCIDE, Alicante Plaza, El Mundo, Plataforma Arquitectura, Agencia EFE, Alicante Press, La Ruta Maya, INFORMACIÓN, On Diseño, Royal BC Museum of Victoria, Canada, MONDAY MAGAZINE, VICTORIA NEWS, MARTLET University of Victoria